Alligator Car Rental LLC

Welcome to Alligator Car Rental. As a company that specialises in car rental business, our goal is to offer various solutions to several customer segments from short term renting for tourists and Dubai residents to long term leasing for corporate and individual users. With more businesses burgeoning every now and then, the demand from individuals and companies for leasing a car or a fleet has been on a continuous uptrend over the last several years. When it comes to leasing a vehicle to both individuals and corporations, our aim is to be their first choice.

Our mission

Our team at Alligator Car Rental primary objective is to ensure the happiness of our esteemed customers. Our main aim is to give you the best automobiles at the best pricing so that your trip will be memorable. We all know that Dubai is a major travel destination, drawing travelers from all over the world.

Our values

Our business is known for the importance we attach to customer satisfaction, ethical business behaviour and respect towards our employees. We work by these principles and adhere to them at all times.